Africa Day and Food Security


Twitter Space – Africa Day and Food Security

Food security is a challenge almost in all the vulnerable regions of the world including Africa. The food security challenge is very genuine but the continent is rich with fertile soil, genetic resources, and the strong muscles of the youths. I gave 3 thematic talks, which you can read in the ensuing line.

#AfricaDay#AfricaDay2022 Just spoke in the space made by @nourish_africa as strengthening the resilience of nutrition and food security. I discussed 3 themes to ensure a sustainable food system under emerging climatic and political conditions.

  1. Bring the youth back to agriculture and farming. There should be a farming emergency as the food prices are going up and up. Each youth should have mandatory training in farming. Farming should be declared as a sport as well, giving prizes and appreciation to the winners.
  2. Africa and other places as well should rely on native genetic resources for food and agriculture for a sustainable food supply. The native genetic resources need very low inputs, have no negative impact on soil health, and are highly adapted to the local climatic conditions.
  3. Some portions of family food must come from their own produce. It can be 0.1 100%. Each family should be a producer but not only a consumer. Also, farming must be mandatory as military training in some countries.

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