The Whole Theory

The Bhoom Bush Can get Taller

Some bhoom bushes get taller than others if ramain safe from the over grazing. The bush is very unique of its kinds. It is highly adaptable to the desert and provide good source of food for different types of the animals. The milk of the pods can be use for making chewing gum.

Why Camel Milk is Benefitial in Autistism Cases?

Camel milk is proving its worth as natural health pharmacy. The very stressfull and complicated conditions like that of Autism can be eased with the camel milk.

Taking Camel Milk in Alain

Taking fresh camel milk is a good start of the day. It will give you natural health and energy.

Some Opinions about the Shooting of Camels in Australia

In connectin with my article “A Camel SOS Call from the Outreach of Australia”, with the appeal as “Please help and support our cause to save the camels in Australia from mass shooting“, I recieved some responses both in the camel advocacy “Camel4life internatonal” whatsapps group and facebook. In the ensuing lines, I shall share …

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