Why Camel Milk is Benefitial in Autistism Cases?

Autism spectrum disorder is a severe neurodevelopment malfunctions that can be realized at 3 years of age, and are characterized by impairments in communication and social interaction. In addition, autism is associated with high prevalence of gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and mental retardation.

It has been revealed that the consumption of camel milk in autistic cases improved motor skills, language and social communication. There are some personal experiences of the autistic kids moms and the case reported from autistic centres.

How the Camel Milk Works?

Researchers reported use of camel milk possibly leads to recovering immune system, due to the immunoglobulins of camel milk; therefore brain damage can be prevented when camel milk is fed at an early age. Camel milk consumption cause significant improvement in the clinical symptoms in children with autism that patients became quieter and less destructive and showed better emotional expression and communication.


The preliminary findings are very encouraging but it needs to do more studies about period and dosage of camel milk consumption on oxidative stress and hence the treatment of Autism spectrum disorder.

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