The Camel Ideas

The ideas, theories, observations, hypothesis, and philosophies about the camel development, future, policies etc.

Author in Traditional Arab Abaya, gifted at the occasion of the conference

My Recommendations for the first King Abdul Aziz camel conference in Riyadh

The camel farmers/beduins need support as they are facing climate change catastrophe, revegetation of the deserts with the help of new technologies can provide feeding opportunities to the camels in future, the native flora revegetation will work as two prong solution – food for livestock and provision shelter to the wildlife

Camel is unique and still very poorly understood

Obsessed or not? It is hard to understand

Sometimes we think the camel is thin and the othertimes we think it is obessed. We need more to understand the real body condition scoring of the camels.

The camel is dreaming for a happy and calm world

Camel in a deep thoughts

Camel is a dreamer. They think very deep and they yawn very long, they are intelligent and they are lovely.

Camel Idea – The Camel Development for Human Betterment

The advocacy group does not waste an opportunity and uses each forum for advocating camel at all levels as an animal of food security under climate change context. The concept of world camel day was the brainchild of Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, the head of the thinktank Camel4Life international. The world celebrates world camel day on 22nd June each year. With the efforts of Camel4Life International, we have attracted the attention of doners for camel research, especially camel milk.

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