Camel Idea – The Camel Development for Human Betterment

The Camel World is Changing

It is a real-time pleasure that the camel is receiving the attention of the scientists more than ever. I hope the belongings will change in the camel’s favor soon. From this end of the world, I would like to say that everything, each entity, organization, and camel stakeholder is important. Our basic theme must be inclusive but not exclusive. We should take on board all the stakeholders for a global camel initiative. CARDN, IFAD, ISOCARD, Tvisky, etc, everyone is important and plays an important role.

Information Needs to be Converted into Knowledge

Also about ideas of work, yeah, there is still a need to work on each issue of a camel. There are many people, scientists, workers in this world who are working on camels. Camel’s people are really devoted and already working in hard conditions. We have good human resources, so let’s work on all issues and correlate them all. Everything to be done is important; all are interwoven and correlated issues. In many areas of the world, there is high demand for camel products, esp camel milk but there is no good information system on the availability of milk and other products. In some areas camel milk is available but marketing is poor. In some institutes, scientific publications are available but not extended to the stakeholders. In some areas farms are available but the data is either not published or published at very local levels. Also, we really do not know about the sanctuaries, movement, population, breeds trends & status and production potential (quantitative traits), etc of a camel. Some new diseases also threatened camel production and health in recent times. Also, gene-level studies are important to know the real potential, etc. There is also a need to study camels in the climate change context.

Camel Nomadism is Replacing Cattle Pastoralism

In Africa, some pastoral communities are shifting from cattle pastoralism to camel pastoralism because cattle are the most prone to droughts. There are many global camel issues, like Australia is going to kill camel is carbon credit. Such problems are political also. The same camel can be used as food aid for the African continent and the recent drought-stricken populace in Somalia and part of Kenya. Also, camel work needs to be linked with pastoralism and the dryland environment.

Camel Research Needs Funding

To materialize all the above ideas, funding is also very important. Funding is not an easy task especially these days because of the economic crisis everywhere. Also, an ice-breaking meeting of the organizations, scientists, representatives from camel communities, funding agencies is also important. ISOCARD is going to have a camel conference at the junction of 2011-2011 in Oman. That is a very good opportunity to participate and have a 1-day satellite meeting at the end of the conference. I wish if the ISOCARD authorities invite funding agencies and the other above said stakeholders and have a joint declaration on the camel. ISOCARD is publishing a journal on the camel and already conducted two camel conferences at the global level, i.e. in Alain and Djerba, Tunisia. The journal of camel practice and research (JCPR), is another good source of data on the camel. FAO is also a good source of information on the camel. Many publications of FAO on camel are available. The FAO funding on the application of a global plan of action on animal genetic resources can also be helpful but only the governments can send the proposals against such FAO funding. FAO can appreciate governments to have camel projects. Now, please walk for a concrete goal. Dr. Aziz from KSA said he can help in arranging fundings or at least I understood that from his email. I am available for joint camel work.

Camel Advocacy Thinktank ‘Camel4Life International

The advocacy group does not waste an opportunity and uses each forum for advocating camel at all levels as an animal of food security under climate change context. The concept of world camel day was the brainchild of Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, the head of the thinktank Camel4Life international. The world celebrates world camel day on 22nd June each year. With the efforts of Camel4Life International, we have attracted the attention of doners for camel research, especially camel milk.

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