Tephrosia nubica

Tephrosia nubica – Native flora of UAE

Philosophical note

I love nature and love to understand the natural systems. I usually go to the desert, mountains, and arable lands to learn about the natural assets of mother earth. My main focus is always to study the livestock habitats, available vegetation, seasons and weathers, landscapes and ecosystems, etc. All this work is the continuation of my ethnoecological exploration. I try my best to learn and understand the ecosystems and their importance with special emphasis on foliage from the local elders and ethnobotanists. Here is a very brief piece about the native flora but not with livestock fodder importance.

KEY TERMS: Tephrosia nubica, Ethnoecology, Ethnobotany, Ethnomedicine, Desertpedia, Herbarium, Native people, Desert, Hatta, UAE

Botaniacal name = Tephrosia nubica

Tephrosia nubica
Tephrosia nubica, founded in the Hatta region of UAE

Habitat: T. nubica is a leguminous flora found in drylands, especially Arabia, North and Northeastern Africa, Sahara.

Location of the flora: I found this flora on a peak of a hill of Hijr mountain, Hatta area, near Oman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates during my biodiversity exploration work. The date was 29 April 2023.

Author with a T. nubica during an exploration study of the Hatta mountains
Author with a T. nubica during an exploration study of the Hatta mountains

Further work and recommendations

  • It is very convenient to copy and paste the information and images from Google but I would love to be gifted with the images from the field by the original worker
  • I would love it if someone add information regarding its ethnomedicinal value
  • Some more images about the flowers, seeds, green bushes, and other available information

Further reading

Sources for reading about my desert exploration work regarding the flora of the region, especially, the United Arab Emirates with special emphasis on camel food.

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