The camel milk from Bactrian camel in Mongolia

How to warm up the camel milk safely?

The best way to camel milk consumption

Please do not boil camel milk – it destroys all its goodness. Heat until temperature reaches 72 Celsius, then immediately remove. If you get the milk from healthy and known camels in the field, better to consume it fresh.

The second option which really sustains the goodness of camel milk is to ferment it. Fermented camel milk is also very good, it is richer in a healthy microbiome.

Methodology of cooking the camel milk

The easy method I use for camel milk heating is ensuing lines.

  • Always take the milk from a healthy source/camel
  • Take/store the camel milk in clay or an SS pot
  • Always heat/cook on a light flame
  • Continuously stir the camel milk
  • Observe steam, light steam emerges from the surface meaning the camel is almost heated
  • Put a drop on the skin of the hand. If its burns the skin, it means the milk is ready for consumption
  • If you have a thermometer, continuously stir and shake the thermometer in the milk, when it reaches 70 C, off the flame
  • Some studies suggest 72 C

Camel milk is a unique food

Camel milk is a unique food with magical properties. The camel herding communities define it as a superfood, making the bodies super healthy. Modern science has also found camel milk a very balanced and health-friendly food. For further reading, please click on the links below.

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