Hyalomma dromedarii in camels

Hyalomma dromedarii in camels – The fast running insect is a tick

The ticks hide in the flora/bushes in the desert and when a camel approaches the bush for eating, the ticks climb on its body, stick to the skin, and start suckling the camel’s blood. The ticks cause very serious diseases in camels and other livestock. Ticks and tick-borne pathogens (TBPs) affect the health and well-being of camels consequently diminishing their productivity and performance. The commonly found ticks in the camels are Hyalomma dromedarii. To watch the interesting video, click on the link.



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  1. Dr Kakar,
    There is one tick (of six known) in the Sahara that carries Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and there was an outbreak in Mauritania in 2004. A Senegalese house maid became infected through handling goat meat through a cut in her hand. Most of the deaths were medical staff and another patient and members of her family as she was sharing a room. The blood samples were sent to Dakar for testing. I have had ticks crawl up my leg from riding my camel and took two from the inside of my thigh. I used ancient tweezers found at a market in Nouakchott. The seller did not sell them to me but had gifted them. Probably the most useful gift I have ever been given.

    What if any do the ticks in your part of the world carry?

    I hope this reply finds you and your family in good health.

    1. Thanks very much for your appreciation and detailed comment. We really need to hear from the experienced explorer like you. Yes, CCHF is a very serious tick born disease and many people died because of this infection. In my homeland, I know people died of CCHF, mainly the people who were handeling the meat/butchery and the hospital staff dealing with the congo fever patients.
      Best regards

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