Plane or Fermented? The Camel Milk

The Good News and the CAMEL4LIFE

The good news is that, we are receiving very fresh and validated information/updates about the camel milk, both the scientific and traditional. The CAMEL4LIFE international group is growing and expanding its wing. The camel stakeholders from different parts are joining the group and strengthening it with the information based on their experience. 

Fermented CaM is Better than Fresh~ A thought provoking Information

Note: CaM is an abbreviation used for the camel milk.

Today, I’m sharing a piece of the fact, written by Dr Tahra from Iran. She
is working as associate professor in Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources University of Khuzestan. She wrote about the fermented camel milk. ” The fermented CaM can lower cholesterol, and blood pressure because of some super molecules, produced during the fermentation process. Also due to the abundance of lactobacilus bacteria and high lactic acids, the fermented CaM enrich the gut’s functions and improve the digestibility and intake of the nutrients”.img_3976

She further extends that the fermented CaM works well in the diabetes management and glycemic control. However the fermented CaM is sour, more tasty, and attractive which making it attractive for kids and other classes of the people. As a traditional healer and herbalist, she is quite confident that the CaM, especially fermented can solve the complex health issues and provides calmness and stamina in the body. 

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