The Biological Bullets in Camel Milk Shoot the Cancerous Cells

The CaM has unique biological molecules, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of cancerous cells. The antibodies are living bullets shooting the cancerous cells and other microorganisms in the body.

Natural Health with the Camel Milk

As we know the camel milk is widely appreciated as the natural pharmacy, all because of the biological ingredients found in the camel milk in a very unique combination. The camel milk contains lactoperoxidase which possesses anti-tumor activity. Inclusion of peptidoglycan recognition protein in the milk was firstly found in camel milk which can fight breast cancer by taking over metastasis.

CaM has Smaller Antibodies

The CaM antibodies are several times smaller than those produced by other animals including humans. Recently discovered ‘nanobodies,’ can enter tissues and cells that other antibodies cannot. They can even interfere with enzyme binding sites, contributing to camels’ remarkable disease resistance. Their size and ability make them potentially valuable in biomedical research (diagnosis) on a broad range of diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and atherosclerosis. For more details, go to the link

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