The camel milk from Bactrian camel in Mongolia

Camel Milk is Gut Friendly -Gut friendly vs the Gut Crazy Milk

A mom managed her kid’s gut problem with the camel milk

As an organizer of the camel milk advocay international group, CAMEL4LIFE, I receive very good information and updates from the people who share their camel milk stories. I share the stories time to time here in my camel4milk blog, but hide the names of the storytellers for privace. Here is a message from such person, who shared her story here with us.

The camel ecosystem, Halloxylon plants and the bowl full of camel milk in Kharan Desert of Balochistan

“Hi everyone. I’ve been added to the group due to my son who has a cow milk protein allergy and severe eczema since receiving his infant immunizations. He was severely behind on his weight and height and has itchy infected skin which profoundly impacted his functioning, sleep, socializing, schooling etc.”

We did a GAPS diet, and detoxed with cilantro and chlorella and added camels milk to his diet.


And he’s now a thriving 7 year old. Great improvements to his skin, growth and functioning. He still drinks camel milk, as there is very very little cross reactivity between cow and camel milk and I feel it helped him to grow when most of what he was eating was causing bloatedness and diarrhea..


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  1. A mom responded from South Africa.
    Hi! We’re here for the same issue. My (now) almost one year old son stopped gaining weight, blood in stool after his immunizations we believe. Now we’re on an extremely limited diet, but the camel milk is a wonderful addition to our diet.

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