The unique medicinal properties of camel products


I have been working with the different aspects of the camel since last 2 decades. One of the most important aspects of the camel to me is the precious milk, which I call as “natural pharmacy“. It gives me immense pleasure when I see any development and scientific findings or a review of the published work regarding the camel, especially the milk. Here in this article, I shall be sharing a review work, published in the journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences. In this article, the scientific published material regarding the therapeutic properties of camel milk and urine are reviewed and discussed in a very good manner. The therapeutic properties of the camel milk have been admired and well accepted for different complex ailments. Though, personally, I have never been convinced of using camel urine (raw) for the treatment of a certain diseases. Moreover, any constituent can be traced out and may be used for the treatment of the ailments if proved scientifically.

The Science’s Interest in the Camel

Beginning in the early 1980s, more orthodox publications began identifying specific diseases and medical conditions that have been treated by camel milk or urine, including cancer, chronic hepatitis, hepatitis C infection and peptic ulcers. Even more recently, it has been reported that camel milk has cured severe food allergies in children who were unresponsive to conventional treatments and diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, camel milk is endowed with anti-malignant, antiplatelet and anti-thrombotic properties in addition to a host of anti-bacterial and viral properties suggesting, among other things, the existence of a very strong immune system, which was recently shown to be equipped with unique light-chain-only antibodies.

These claimed therapeutic actions have recently been the subject of numerous studies, and there is now mounting scientific information detailing the constituents of camel milk and urine as well as their therapeutic components. These revelations lend scientific evidence to support the current practice of using these camel products for their therapeutic benefits. The following review summarizes the current knowledge in these areas.

The camel milk is a real hero for the health goodness and I’m the living story of the camel milk consumption and wellness. I was used to be very sick with rheumatoid Arthritis, unable to walk and move properly. I started living with the camel pastoralists, consuming camel milk daily for a period of 3 months. I recovered in the camels’ county and enabled to climb the mountains.

I hereby sharing the link of an article, though published 5 years before but still a very good work (review discussion) about the role of camel milk as a health agent and natural .

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2 thoughts on “The unique medicinal properties of camel products”

  1. Hello thank you for you interesting articles on camel milk. My husband has an autoimmune disease and subahanallah I’ve been coming across alot of articles about the benefits of camel milk where I live we dont have a fresh supply I was wondering if taking it in powdered form especially the camelait brand will be just as good as the raw fresh milk. Do you have any idea on daily intake for the powder that will be beneficial for him? And do you know if it helps with vision/glaucoma too? Thank you once again

    1. Welcome Aisha. Camel milk is a very good, balanced and rich food, supporting normal physiological processes of the body. It is an amazing functional food and helps in healing process of different complex conditions. Camel milk help/support healing process but does not mean that only the camel milk will treat the disease. It is helpful along with the prescribed treatment and proper exercises etc.
      Camel milk powder has almost the samel qualities as the fresh milk has. The camelait powder has very good reputation and you can use it very safely.
      Start with 10 g/day and increase to 25 g daily. Slowly increase the dose from 10 to 25 g per day.
      Welcome again and I hope it will be helpful. I wish your husband very good health soon. inshaullah

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