Close view of Zygophyllum qatarense

The Beautiful Plants (Zygophyllum) of Beautiful White Desert

Deserts are very beautiful and attractive, especially if the color of the sand is whitish. A few days before, I attended the Asian Camel Racing Federation founding meeting in Alwathba Abu Dhabi and lived in the Jumeirah desert resort.

The hotel is a very attractive place to live and the surrounding of the hotel is very touchy with the sand and the Zygophylum qatarense. I shot some very attractive pictures of the vicinity where are presented below. To know more about this beautiful flora, please click on the link;

In the Photogallery, you can enjoy the beautiful images of the white-grey sand and the yellowish-green flora, the Zygophyllum qatarense.

The author is an ethnobotanist and ethnoecologist, so straightly went to the nearby sands and started to find the local flora and fauna. There was not much biodiversity but I found 2 types of plants and lizards, though there were some pigeons and doves around. I mostly shoot the pictures of the xerophyte plant (Zygophyllum) and compiled this album of the beautiful plant. Before, I have written and documented this plant as a source of food for camels. Please go to the link below.

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