Is Climate Change Well Understood?

Climate change is a reality

A huge set of data and the prevailing situations are witnessed a catastrophic climate change happening. Almost all the major parts of societies are agreed that climate change is happening and the agriculture system will suffer further. The floods, erratic or no rainfall, desertification, etc. have adversely affected (and continue even with the faster pace) to alter agricultural production potential of arable farming and livestock productions system.

Livestock Production is Suffering Adversely

The neutral zones of thermoregulation in animals are very challenging and heat intolerance, especially in exotic high-producing animals is catastrophic. Food security is a real challenge and many parts of the world (on one or another farm) are facing hunger and malnutrition.

Flock of native Musakheli sheep is grazing in the offshoots of the Suleiman Mountainous Region
A flock of native Musakheli sheep is grazing in the offshoots of the Suleiman Mountainous Region. The highly adapted sheep breed of the region.

Native Livestock have the Adaptation Power

But there are good and potential tools we have to adapt to the higher/lower temperatures and produce in very low input production systems; they are the native animals and plants’ genetic resources. Unfortunately, their role is seldom valued and addressed accordingly which results in the development of faulty policies regarding food and agriculture. The keepers of the native breeds are void of a strong voice and are seldom heard by policymakers while formulating policies regarding genetic resources and food security.

But the Native Livestock is under Threat

A Baloch Camel Herder with his camels in Balochistan
A Baloch Camel Herder with his camels in Balochistan. Camel is a very useful and multipurpose animal in Balochistan

This situation is very complex and challenging. Many of the gene keepers (herders) are giving up their profession. Their historic lands for natural are either grabbed by influential persons or secured from grazing in the name of nature conservation. One of the very alarming examples is from the camel breeders of Rajasthan India. The camel is really sinking and the population has gone down manifolds in the last 3 decades.

The same is the situation in the Thal and Thar deserts of Pakistan.


The time has reached to reconsider the existing policies regarding food and agriculture and give proper place and task to the native gene and its keeper to beat the challenge of food security in the clime change context.

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