Camel! A One in All Creatures

Natural Health with the Camel Milk

One can imagine, how distinctive and special can be the gift of God. The Bedouin gives name Ata ullah (gift of God), hence considered as precious and matchless. Neverthless of its products, camels’ physiology and behavior are especially designed to survive in harsh conditions of its habitat and sustain livelihood of its keepers in climate change scenario. Camel has all the characteristics which are otherwise scattered in all the other known and useful animals. The following table shows the importance of camel if compare to other livestock species. Livestock vs camel. Every product of camel is useful, even urine (traditionally use for medicinal conditions like ear infection, water belly and some kinds of dermatitis) and dung are valuable.Camels’ Manure~From Waste to a Worthwhile Farming Agent

The long bones of camel are very attractive for nomads’ women and use for making jewelries. The camel rearing communities have very firm links with camel culture…

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3 thoughts on “Camel! A One in All Creatures

  1. raziqkakar March 19, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    A great material for all group of people, general public, teacher, scientists, health worker and camel promoters


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