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The Photostory of a Years Old Camel Died of Eating Rubish in the Desert

I shall share with you the photostory of a dead camel in the desert years before. It is a case study for camel practitioners and farmers. It will tell you how the plastic converts into bodies like stones and block the chyme movement in the gut.

Sharing Ideas in Agriculture and Allied Fields

Sharing Knowledge is a Key sharing knowledge is a key to success for the people. The knowledge being shared from the different parts of the people with different opinion and experience can bring change in mindset and overall production system in agriculture. In the following debate, we discussed small scaled farming, water issue, Ashar, icecream …

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The Precious Heritage of the People’s Science is Going to Extinction

The wisdome and experience comes with the time and efforts. The traditional knowledge is the outcome of a long time experience and the solutions people found during the challenges. It is still precious and useful. I call it the people’s science.

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