The desert creature camels have unique physiology

Xero water loss – The dehumidifier nose of the desert’s beast functions miraculously

In the breathing phenomenon, we inhale air to take Oxygen and exhale to remove CO2 from the body. During the inhaling, the air temperature is the same as the ambient temperature and the exhaled air is the same as body temperature with 100% humidity. So, this way all the breathing animals lose both water and energy during the breathing.

In the mysterious camels, the temperature of the exhaled air is dropped and the heat energy and water are reabsorbed in the nose. While exhaling the camels dehumidify the air with the help of specialized hair in the nose as the nasal opening is very narrow and hairy, remains wet all the time. This way the airy, narrow and wet nasal opening reabsorb the moisture and energy both and return to the body. This phenomenon is one of the other most important phenomena of the camels’ unique strategy to conserve water in the arid conditions of its habitat.

The Author Love the Camel
The camel is the true son of the sandy soil of the desert. Camel is the real stakeholder of the desert. Only the camels know how to survive in conditions where food and water are the most limiting sources.

This humidifier system also minimizes the risk of infection, the vapor change into the water and returns back to the pharynx and is swallowed by camels, ultimately the microbes reach the stomach. In the stomach, any type of harmful microorganism is killed.

when the exhale air is condensed by the nasal pad (specialized in camel work as a cooling pad), the heat is released which keeps the camel’s head cold (coping with the extremely hot weather). The densely fibrous nasal track makes a very cooling vent with the help of moisture keeping the head of the camel cold in extremely hot weather.

You might have gone through my article as the camel has adapted unique physiological tools to keep the inside body cooler like they urinate thicker urine on their thighs and the femoral veins get cooler and the cold blood is passed through the kidneys, liver and reach to the core of the circulatory system, the heart.

camel keeps its nasal pass wet to cope with the extremely dry conditions

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