Camel milk ATM in Nairobi

Breaking news- The world’s first camel milk ATM installed in Nairobi

Breaking news of history and the year 2022.

A new shopping mall in Nairobi has set up Camel Milk ATM at the entrance. It is installed in Jumaira Center in South C along ole shapara Road Nairobi Kenya. It is the first vending machine of its kind in the modern human history, really a fascinating and amazing news of the year 2022. The love for camel milk is ever increasing in Africa, especially the Horn of Africa as the region is the emerging hub of camel milk for the young Africans. Such trend is opposite to the other important regions of the world where the young generation is more inclined towards the fast and junk foods but in Africa the flow is to the opposite direction. I would certainly love to ask the camel people in ME, Arabian Peninsula, Persia, Central, and South Asia to come with innovations with the camel milk and take a lead in the magical food.

JUMAIRA CENTER, a new shopping center in Nairobi placed Camel Milk ATM at the enterance of the shopping center to attract customer and sell camel milk at affordable price as low as ksh. 10 Kenya Shillings equivalent to 10 cent USD.

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