Homemade Butter from Camel Milk

Making yogurt from camel milk is a challenge and so is the separation of butterfat. After a lengthy effort and trying different modules, ultimately we succeeded to make yogurt, separated butter, got whey (Shlombey, شلومبئ).

Whey made from camel milk

Shlombey is darling drink of the Pashtun Afghan people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also called as Pashtun’s wine. In subcontinent, it is called Lassi. It is made from the yogurt while separating the butterfat and adding water. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/215639450_Characterization_and_significance_of_Raigi_camel_a_livestock_breed_of_the_Pashtoon_pastoral_people_in_Afghanistan_and_Pakistan

Whey (Shlombey) made from camel milk

Soon, we will be able to have Qurooth (dried hard cheese) from Shlombey. This Qurooth is made with the method of Kararra (کراڑہ، کراړ‎ہ)۔

Butterfat made from camel milk

The methodology is still confidential. We made it at home after a longer efforts. We used traditional method to make it possible. Later, I shall share the methodology, once it is repeated many times with the same results.

I call this achievement as the camel milk revolution.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Butter from Camel Milk”

    1. Thanks very much. At the moment it is my personal effort. It’s need documentation and trials to make it further better. Yes it is cheaper and comparatively easier.

  1. Well done. I know it’s a real challenge. I work at SummerLand Camels in Australia and ran a few trials two years ago that were actually pretty successful and pretty similar to yours if not identical. My greatest obstacle was the yield. Would be interesting to see you guys succeed with a yield that is both acceptable and commercially viable. All the best!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear about your work and progress. Can you please share the picture? If you like, I can share your experience and results as a blog on my website camel4all.com
      Yes, the main challenge is the quantity per kg milk as the fat percentage is lower in camel milk and the fats in nature are different from the other milks’ fats.

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