We Celebrate the Worlds’ Hardest Animal’s Day, A world Camel Day (22nd June)

The Strong and Brave, Tolerate hottest days of the year (22 June), A world Camel Day
The Brela camel of Pat (the plainland of Balochistan). The highly tolerant and adapted camels of Sibi plains (Pat) of Balochistan. Here the people say the heat waves come from hell and mercury touches 52 Celsius in Summer. I took this picture on 22nd June and there were really heat waves of the hell but these camels were happily enjoying the sunshine in the Pat (barren land)

 The Camel, an Unsung Hero

Camel, the tolerant, adaptable, docile, and loving creature especially gifted by nature to the harsh and hostile ecosystems of the world.  The people living in such regions are really blessed and gifted with this unique creation. Unfortunately, in the fast world and fast life era, this unique gift was either ignored or undermined by different quarters, especially the policymakers. The author, therefore, proposed a day (22nd June) to think and think about this precious animal and spread awareness to give proper place again. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues, including scientists, activists, and family members who supported this cause, and now the people have realized the importance of this great friend of mine~ The dear Camel.

Brahvi breed.jpg
Another very special breed of camel in the region is the Brahvi camel. The breeders are in love with the black color and they select for such coat of camel.

A real camel day 22nd June in the Pat of Sibi. This day was a tribute to this very special and unique animal in the Pat of Sibi. We took milk from them and made Sourine (the fermented milk in Balochi culture). Hence a world camel day was celebrated on 22nd June. Though 21st June is the longest day in the northern hemisphere 21st June is dedicated to World Music Day. This picture was shot in the hottest place of Pakistan (Sibi), in the hottest month (June). The camels are sitting naked in the sunshine, enjoying regurgitation.

Not only the harsh summers, but the camel equally tolerates the extreme cold weathers of the regions like the Gobi desert.

Bactrian Camels in the South Gobi Province of the Mongolia
I shot this picture in the month of May. Though the weather was not hot still the environment is not very friendly for the exotic livestock.

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  1. Most wonderful news this year my friend Dr. Raziq. I knew you are dearest to the camels than all of us combine. At last camels have a place in the world map. We can star by condemning the killings of camels in Australia.

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