Convolvulus cephalopods (morning glory) in Masaken area, Alain Abu Dhabi UAE

The beautiful Morning Glory (Convolvulus cephalopods) in the desert of Alain UAE

Desert Morning Glory is a perineal shrub

You can briefly read about the beautiful Morning Glory (perineal shrub Convolvulus cephalopods) in the desert of Alain United Arab Emirates. It is a perineal shrub, found in the Arabian Peninsula, ME, and Persia. The flora is very hardy and well adapted to the desert ecosystem and provides a charismatic beauty to the desert. It is highly drought tolerant and can sustain longer drought for years. Being a desert ecologist, my main interest in the flora (of the desert) has some connection with the camels and other livestock. The flora which provides food to the camels in the desert ecosystem is my top interest while exploring the desert. Convolvulus cephalopods is a very hard and tolerant plant and even the camels cannot vanish it from the desert. It is has a tough body full of hair making it sustainable in the desert. The dense and thick blanket of hair absorbs water from the atmosphere and diverts water back to the plant during transportation and that is the unique strategy of the flora to conserve water.

The height and width of the Convolvulus cephalopodus

The shrub spread with many stems and covers an area of up to 3 feet and the height reaches up to 28 inches. The width and height of the shrub depend on many factors such as age, protection, habitat, season, and climate. Here are some pictures showing the width and height of the shrub. The measurement is taken by iPhone x Pro.

A candidate shrub to be used for the beautification of lawns and parks

I have been advocating native flora to be used for the greening and beautification of an ecosystem. Urban ecosystems can be a habitat of choice for the native flora. It can help in the beautification of the lawns and parks and provide habitat to the local wildlife. On the other hand, urban places will provide an opportunity for the conservation of native flora.

Morning Glory provides a habitat to different insects, flies, beetles, bees, and many other miniature wildlife. I explore the desert of the UAE and document the flora (main emphasis) and fauna of the country. UAE is a beautiful country with a living desert rich with floral and faunal biodiversity. You can visit my website and can read a wide range of articles about the desert, biodiversity, camels and other native livestock, best practices, camel farming, camel milk, and other important topics. You can find a beautiful video of the flora on my youtube channel. Please subscribe and share.

Convolvulus cephalopodus video in the desert

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