Cyperus grass roots

How Cyperus flora sustain in arid dry conditions of the desert?

The roots of the grass is enveloped in a sponge like cushions which provides insulation against the soaring heat and the extreme ariditiy

The magical roots of Cyperus Conglomeratus grass of the desert specially engineered to survive and sustain in the desert

These grasses are interconnected via their horizontal roots, communicating and exchanging nutrients to help in survival
The vertical roots of the Cyperus grasses penetrate deep in the sand.
The roots also trap moisture from the atmosphere, adhere this moisture with the spongy fibrous roots’ cushion, keep the roots moist
They have very successful strategies to survive in very arid conditions. They hebernate themselves, only roots are still active but the plant is otherwise dead. When there will be a shower of rain, they will start life again
The adhere the organic material with their stems and roots, to sustain soil fertility and provide shelter to the micro wildlife.
They spread in the desert via rhizomes and maintain its population

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