Fake Camel Milk, a Threat to our Health

Camel is one of the most important functional food and many health complications are being subsided by the use of camel milk. The demand for camel milk is ever increasing and it is now available both in pasteurized/fresh and powdered form in the supermarkets in different corners of the world. Unfortunately, fake companies/brands are introduced in the market. I have tried to expose such culprits in this article. Please help me in halting such greedy people to sell hazardous chemicals in the name of camel milk.

Natural Health with the Camel Milk

Human’s greed is far to be satisfied with anything. Some people even do not hesitate to sell fake items and earn money, which is very painful and dangerous.

As the camel milk (CaM) is making its space in the important functional foods globally with the same pace the fake CaM is coming in the market.

One of the most important and prominent example is ‘SUSU UNTA CAMEL MILK‘, claiming importing from Malasia where the camels are only in the zoo. Tons of the fake CaM powder are imported in Pakistan and delivered with the name of pure camel milk.

Look the level of fraud, using the word Halal.

Here is the link of the company selling fake CaM in Karachi, look at their claims. http://www.findglocal.com/PK/Karachi/531780563588892/Susunta-Camel-Milk

Look at their claims, very sad state of situation. I humbly request the authorities to please intervene in the situation and punish such…

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2 thoughts on “Fake Camel Milk, a Threat to our Health

    • Dr Raziq March 17, 2021 / 3:54 pm

      yes, very bad practice, harmful and hazardous to the needy people.


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