The Nature is True Friend

The Desert Ecotherapy

The deserts are not only beautiful but a place where you can enjoy the vast horizons and the fragrance of the deserts’ flora. The desert after the rains convert into an echoing green sands, rich with diversity of flora and fauna. The whole picture makes the scene very attractive, which works as an ECOTHERAPY.

I hereby share some glimpses from the desert. I’m sure, it will work as a healing agent for your health and thoughts. Lets, enjoy the glimpses and please come with your suggestions and thoughts.

The beautiful red sandy desert of the Alain is unique and special of its kind. I have named the desert as living desert. I hope, you will enjoy and share my articles on your social media pages.

Each side you focus in the desert, the beauty is there. You not need to chose place and things for photography. You just on your camera and start shooting the glimpses.

You can see different kinds of life in the desert. You can find wasp, ants, lizards and different types of plants. The mix of the sunshine, dusk, rays, flowers, camels and others make is a scene of paradise.

Some plants are very specialized and crafted very unique by the nature. Such plants know how to survive in the harsh and hostile ecosystems. They are beautiful and useful as well.

Camel is one of the unique gift of the nature, landed in the desert. Loving camel is engineered in my DNA. I do not know, what the nature has really planned for me and the camel.

The main question is still there, how to harvest the potential of the desert sustainable and humanly. The bush fire, climate change and the planet warming has created serious questions in the minds of the people who really concern.

Let we think the nature as our mother and as our breath

12 thoughts on “The Desert Ecotherapy”

  1. So jealous that you have so many Tribulus plants. My camels favourite, but hardly to be found where I live in Oman.
    Love nature too. The dunes are giving me everything I need to feel good. Nature is also for me a very important part of my life. My garden shows how much we love nature.
    Great article, thanks Raziq.

    1. Thanks so very much Lilianne. Here is a lot of vegetation around after the rains, especially tribalism and grasses.
      I know you are a great nature lover.

  2. Very moving your love for nature and camels in particular. I just read on BBC blog about a man, an Arab who is planting trees in Senegal. He had completely transformed the marshes and his passion for nature mirrors our own. We all belong to the same club of nature lovers, and the numbers of members are growing. Perhaps, growing plants and trees could save our beautiful planet, the Earth.

    1. Thanks so very much. Your appreciate gives me moral support to work harder and explore the deserts even better. I have learned and motivated by people like you. I’m very happy to read your work about the deserts of the world. You are doing great work too.

    1. Thanks so very much. I appreaciate your moral support. I hope you are agreeing with me that the nature has the power of theraphy and works as a natural pharmacy.

      1. Thank you for your kind, as always, comments. I do remember that you wanted to write a post about your work-research and about camels with my participation. If you are still interested in doing this, please tell me what you have in mind. As you know my email is, By the way, do the beautiful camel with you, has a name? Not only I agree with you about the healing power of nature, but I also write about in my blog.

      2. You are welcome Joanna. Yes, I’m still agree and willing to have a collaborative article about the desert and the incredible camel together. Yes, I know your email.
        We have a big herd of camels, there is no name but we use tag. I wish to give them name and recognize each one by name but it is almost impossible.
        Yes, I know your write great article and you write about the ecotheraphy and the power of nature as a healing agent.
        Best Raziq

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