Beautiful Flowers and Fruits of Wild Flora of United Arab Emirates

A living desert

The desert in the UAE is a living desert, rich in plants and animal diversity. The desert has different species of flora with beautiful flowers and fruits. I hereby share a link to my video channel to see the beauty of the desert. I have compiled some very beautiful images of the different flora of the desert here in the UAE.

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In the following, you can see beautiful images of the flora and fauna of the desert. 

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Flowers and Fruits of Wild Flora of United Arab Emirates”

  1. Interesting, as always all your posts. As I progress with my posts about the world’s deserts, I will re-tale your findings of camel’s valuable milk and of plants. If you have a few minutes to spare (coffee break?), please look up the desert posts.

    1. I’m really impressed with your work, right now reading your tale about the desert in Asia. I’m really impressed by your work. I would like to share the link of your great articles and review some of your work for my blog.

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