Indigenous Livestock Breeds of Balochistan

In Balochistan province of Pakistan, there are many livestock species which are well adapted to the climatic conditions and produce a very much low-input livestock production models. Unfortunately, local livestock breeds are never discussed and document earlier by scientists with the perspectives and breeding goals of the keepers. Such poor documentation always smooth-tongued the way for dilution of the pure genetic makeup of the indigenous livestock breeds.

Balochistan is home to many precious livestock breeds and animal culture. Each tribe has its own grazing lands and adopted their own way of livestock production system. Poor documentation always misleads policymakers which resulting in deterioration of the breeds. It is the utmost need of time to characterize and document local AnGR with the perspectives of local livestock keepers while keeping their breeding goals in mind.






Donkey is the hardiest animal and well adapted



In this blog, each breeds the province will be discussed in detail.

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  1. we will wait for the detail to come………….in khyber Pakhtunkhwa some local breeds cattle and buffalo , Achai and Azikhrli , respectively have drawn the attention of the policy makers to establish its nucleus herds in Dir Lower and swat. the later one is under construction and soon will be made functional. Both the Achai cattle and Azi kheli buffalo have unique characteristics. they have high fertility rate almost 1.5 year on average at the same time they have smaller body size thus its space requirements and feeding requirements are less than the rest, well adopted to the local climatic conditions as well. due to its peculiar body weight they will be instrumental in the eve of climate change perspective. their Disease resistance and high mother ability make them further favorable for a small working family to keep them at house hold level to fulfill their home requirements.

  2. Thanks very much for the updates. Yes local genetic resources are playing crucial role in the whole picture. I invite you to come with an invited article on Achai and Azakheli with their pictures and basic details.

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