Establishment of a forum on food security and climate change adaptation

Today, 8 September, 2011, a forum on food security and climate change adaptation (FSCCA) was established. The decision was taken after a lengthy discussion of likeminded scientists and activists of SAVES, BRSP and SUSG. Agrarians, animal and veterinary scientists and forest expert participated in the meeting. The meeting was held in the conference room of Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP)

The main themes of the forum are;

  1. Agroecosystem farming (AEF)
  2. Action research
  3. Knowledge management
  4. Policy and advocacy
  5. Capacity building

The food security situation and climate change issues were discussed, especially in the context of the province of Balochistan Pakistan. It was concluded that the biodiversity of the region is at stake and food security is at risk. There is need of change at policy and field levels to combat such situation. A policy of change is the need of time to take all the stake holders onboard, especially the farmers.

It was accepted that the local varieties of plants and indigenous livestock breeds are the guarantee of food security, especially in climate change scenario. Local genetic resources can be use as a tool of resilience to combat climate change and desertification.

Members participated in the meeting along with their contacts are presented in the following table.

Name Designation

Contact #

E Mail Address
Mohammad Anwar M&ES

Tahir Rasheed NPM

Nadir Gul CEO

Dr Shahnawaz Manger

Sadar Naseer Tareen Chairman

Abdul Wahab Director Agric

Dr Abdul Raziq Researcher SAVES

Arif Shah D.D Agric.(Ext)

sadiq agha Asstt.Director

S. Habib ullah shah Asstt.Director

Khadaidad researcher

Ziakar kakar V/O


Dr Abdul Raziq, head of the SAVES will be the focal person of the forum and Muhammad Anwar of SUSG will be the secretariat.

The next meeting of the forum will be held in second week of October in the same venue, in which action research project will be discussed.

Dr Abdul Raziq

     Focal point of the FSCCA

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