Traditional livestock breeds

Unique Style of Goods transport at Farm ~ Commercial Dairying in Karachi City of Pakistan

In Pakistan, dairy farming is in transition. Some dairy farms are centring near the metropolis like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Quetta, and Peshawar etc. Such farms use some adavanced technologies in resproductiive management but otherwise use manpower and bullock power for work. Here is a picture of the Thari breed bullock cart taking straw from one place to another.

Beuragh Sheep Breed

Problems and Constraints of Indigenous Livestock Keepers of Balochistan

In my view, one of the main problems (the root cause) is the low/zero participation of the native livestock breeders in the fabrication of policies and implementation of development projects for livestock development. All the definitions and concepts regarding the management, breeding, feeding and sustainable development of livestock are derived from the western school of thought. The western school of thought for livestock is mainly based on high input and intensive farming with specialized breeds and feeding systems. Such concepts are very hard to fit in the extensive, low input and multipurpose system. Taking on board the livestock keepers for livestock development can bring a cool breeze in this sector, though the process will take a bit longer time.

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