With a camel paint of the ancient Al Ula

Photostory of the first King Abdul Aziz camel conference in Riyadh

The first King Abdulaziz International Conference on Camels

It was a satellite event with the King Abdulaziz camel festival, the world’s largest and unique of its kind. Yesterday, I shared the recommendations I made for the conference, and today, I’m sharing some important pictures.https://arkbiodiv.com/2021/12/27/my-recommendations-for-the-first-king-abdul-aziz-camel-conference-in-riyadh/

Author with his highness Sultan bin Saud Alsaud
Author Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar with the camel friend and nature lover, his highness Sultan bin Saud Alsaud

Camelait -an Alain farm for livestock production camel milk powder

Nothing can be a better gift than the CAMELAIT (famous camel milk brand of UAE and the world) for your friends abroad. I gave this gift to many friends and only some pictures are provided here.

Some glimpses with the international camel personalities

Great respect and shield – Thanks to the conference organizers

A Museum of its kind – The treasure of camel saddles

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    1. Thanks very much for the appreciation. You are welcome. I hope you will join us at the next camel events. I would also love to invite you to join our camel advocacy and promotion group (scientists, academia, farmers, activists) Camel4life international. Currently, we have a website, email list, and a WhatsApp group. You can join us if you like. Send me your contact on my email. raziq2007@gmail.com

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  3. Dr Muhammad YOUNAS

    This is an efforts on Camel ever created in the history. The presentation of the work and museum is a marvelous job done by Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar and his friends. This work deserves our appreciation and we pray for the long life of such ppl taking camel to new heights and glory. Glory of Camel is actually the Glory of Allah Almighty who created this special ap for mankind. Prof Dr Muhammad YOUNAS, UAF

  4. Dr Muhammad YOUNAS

    Dear Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar what is the best way to join this festival this year in Dec 2022. Can CAP jor any individual join this event this year. Dr Muhammad Younas, Patron CAP, UAF

  5. Dr Muhammad YOUNAS

    Dear Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar have you seen the article I wrote on the magnitude of the KACF and use of Botox in beauty competitions. Can you post somewhere on your website. Dr M Younas, UAF Pakistan

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