The termites encircle their manure around the camel poo ball, maintaining humidity inside and eating it in the centre

Camel Manure Ball (CMB) and Wood Colonized by the Termites in the Desert

Termites play an amazing role in the formation of soil. Termites are the precious member of the Detritivore, converting the rough and tough material back into fertile soil, providing food for the soil microbiome.

A camel manure ball (CMB) colonized by the termites
A close view of the CMB colonized by the termites.
The termites make the tunnels and reach to another food item like CMB, woods and other objects
The internal material of the CMB has already been consumed
A wood consumed and colonized by termites in the desert
A beautiful view of the wood colonized by the termites

Termite mounds are the structures in several tropical ecosystems that are primarily built by termites (Jouquet et al. 2015). Soil from termite mounds is rich in mineral nutrients and organic matter, and these make it a suitable habitat for microorganisms (Nithyatharani and Kavitha 2018).

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