Camel Manure Compost Trial in Alain, UAE

The camel manure collected from the milking parlor. The manure is slightly moist and best suited for compost. The manure from the milking parlor has the lesser quantity of the sand.

Camel manure is a treasure in reality but going waste, it is very unfortunate. In an article, I explained the whole story of the camel manure in the world, especially UAE.

Today (10/1/2019), I started a trial of the camel manure compost. I shall wait for 4 months and will open after that period. Then, we shall see the physical appearance, smell, texture etc.

The manure needs to be covered properly so that the air is out and we get a compost without smell.
I made a ditch in the desert, spread plastic sheet, put manure on it and covered it. Later on covered with sand to remove the air and press it tightly.
We dumped the manure with the sand. Now waiting for 4 months. The 2 blocks on both borders will indicate us the area where it was dumped.

I’m not an expert in this area, please always support me with your suggestions and comments. After we have successful compost, we shall make lab analysis.

7 thoughts on “Camel Manure Compost Trial in Alain, UAE”

  1. Hello I will send an email re: my interest, work and location asap. Im wondering what your results have been since January? Can you share your observations? Thank you

    1. I’m going to open the pit and check the compost quality in the end of September or so. I’m quite confident as it was excellent quality when camel manure was composted in Australia.
      Here the main problem I faced in the beginning was the getting of sand free camels manure.

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