Balochi Horse

Balochi Horse -The unique horse breed of Balochistan

Habitat of Balochi horse

The ancient historical Balochistan (Pakistani and Irani Balochistan, parts of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This breed is evolved and reared by the Balochi nomadic tribes.

Phenotypic characteristics

There are many colors as; red with white face, gray, white, dark red, bay, chestnut, and others. The body characteristics and the colors are mainly related to the ecosystem as this breed is found in a wide range of ecosystems ranging from mountains to plain lands and desert to the coastal line. Pure lines of the breed can be found with the nomadic Balochi and Afghan Kuchis.

Balochi horse in Suleiman mountains
Balochi horse – the unique and highly adapted horse genetics of the region

Suleiman mountains are home tract of different important draft animals like horse and donkey. The region is home tract of Shingharri and Piddie breeds of donkey. The region is also famous for sheep, goat, camel, and cattle breeds.

Painting of Balochi tribesmen riding Balochi horses

Power of Adaptation

Balochi horse is unique, highly efficient in the dry mountainous region of Balochistan. Th e horse is equally fit for plain lands, desert, coastal lines and mountainous ecosystems.

images (2).jpg
Author on a red Balochi horse with white face.

Relatives of the Balochi horse

Phenotypically very close to the African horse.  The horse has compact body size and having wide and strong canon bones. The horse is alert and smart. The horse is the part of rich culture of Baloch tribes. There are many colors of Balochi horse.

Balo 1
A Baloch tribesman riding a dark red Balochi horse in Mangrota, D G Khan Punjab
Author riding a white Balochi horse in Suleiman mountain of Pakistan while survey animal genetic resources of the region

Beautiful Balochi horse in the mountainous terrains of Balochistan
A shiny red Balochi horse

Balochi horse is use for different purposes in different regions of Balochistan and adjoining areas. In some areas it is use for riding/racing while in other areas for carting, drafting  etc.

This horse is integral part of Baloch culture and heritage. The breed has special traits like resistant to water and feed scarcity and resistant to some diseases.

Balochis Horse
page from the history

Future hope of the Balochi horse

I’m sure that the breed will continue its role in the days to come though the automobile revolution has affected its role as riding/carting animal. There are many festivals and markets where the Balochi horse take part and make it space. The young generation love to ride the horse and own it. This breed will play a crucial role in the sport industry in the future.


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