Tetraena qatarensis

A robber fly is sucking the nectar of the The flower of Tetraena qatarensis.

Macro flower photography of the Tetraen qatarensis with beautiful wildlife

I’m sharing some macro photography about the tiny wildlife serving and living in the Tetraena qatarensis. In the pictures, you will see beautiful flowers, flies, robber flies, and other tiny creatures. You will be able to see the close view of the complete flowers, stigma, pistil, and the maturing fruits of the shrub. With each image, there is some brief information that can help you understand the purpose of the picture.

Browsed heavily by camels but very healthy and shiny

Some basic botanical facts about Tetraena qatarensis

Some botanical basic facts about the Tetraena qatarensis synonym Zygophyllum qatarense with common name as Harm, Hadidi and Tulin. Found in Arabia, Persia and the ME.

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