Bactrian camel near Uppsala, Sweden

The people of Europe are very enthusiastic, trying always new challenges and try to find new opportunities. The farm diversification with the livestock from the other regions of the world is such a challenging but very interesting idea. I visited some camel farms in Sweden and still enjoying the sweet memories.

Bactrian camel in Central Sweden

Bactrian camel in Central Sweden The camel farm (Gyttorp, central Sweden) consists of 3 camels; named as Kalle, Karlsson, and Anna owned by a couple, Inger Haglund and her husband Per-Ola Magnusson. The camel depends on berry bushes, grasses, and trees for food. The couple is heading this small herd of camels since last few …

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With beautiful Bactrian camels in Uppsala Sweden

Diversifying Farms Income with Camel in Sweden and the Main Health Constraints in Northern Eurpoe

I traveled in Sweden in search of camel. It was my first study of its kind outside my country of origin. I met very enthusiastic camel farmers and exchanged some great ideas of camel farming. Dr. Kerstin de Vedier always supported me and helped me to complete such an important work. Here is the report regarding the camels as farm diversification and the challenges the farmer face with the camel husbandry.

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