Suleiman mountainous region

Olive forest in Zhob Balochistan

The Living Fossils of Olive Forest in Suleiman Mountainous Region of Pakistan – A Wildfire Engulfed our Precious Flora

It is an olive tree, centuries-old, witnessing a long history. Maybe millions of people, animals, and small creatures have lived and survived on it. Such trees act as mountains of Carbon. We should save such treasure of humanity. ♥️ I call such trees the living fossils.

The Donkey~ Also a Good Riding Animal

The Donkey~ Also a Good Riding Animal

This donkey belong to Shingharri breed from Daman area of Kohe Suleiman. This breed of donkey is unique of its kind. Very well adapted to mountainous ecosystem and carry up to 120 Kg for more than 25 KM. Also a good riding and docile animal.

Native Thar desert's camel known as Deshi camel

Body Condition Score (BCS) in Camel~ A tool for assessment of Adaptation

The overall body condition scoring of the camels in a certain ecosystem can better tell the adaptation of certain breed in an ecosystem. Here is the study about the body condition scoring of some camel breeds in mountainous ecosystem.

Camel calf care and management

Camel calf care and management

Calf care of Kohi camel by Buzdar camel herders. Ghulamani Buzdar tribe is famous for camel and goat keeping. Some people call Kohi camel as Ghulamani camel too.

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