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Dumarri Sheep Breed

Dumeri sheep, Highly Adapted and Multipurpose Animal of Highlands

Dumeri sheep 🐑, one of the most adapted and multipurpose sheep of the Northern highlands of Balochistan. Photo credit: Ehsanullah Dumer

Kajalle Sheep Breed of Zhob

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob and Hassankhail area of Musakhail district. Kakar, Khostai, Babar, Sherani, Hassankhail tribes are the custodians of the breed. They are mall in size, white body coat with the redhead, fine dense wool is the the salient feature of Kajalle breed. …

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Maghdozai belt of Musakhail with beautiful sheep culture

Bybrik or Marriwal Sheep Breed of Northeastern Balochistan

Bybrik or Marriwal Sheep Breed The breed is mainly raised for lamb production. The breed has very high economic returns by selling male animals at the age of 6-8 months. The animal has high trader preference and mostly reaches the market of Iran and the Middle East. The crop reaches early in the market because …

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Musakhaili Sheep Breed

Habitat: Found in Musakhail district of northeastern Balochistan and the main tribe of the breed is Musakhail as indicated by the name. Moreover, the breed is also raised by Marghzani, Zamri and Issot and Jaffar tribes of Musakhail district. Phenotypic characteristics: The breed is larger in size compared to Bybrik sheep breed. The tail is …

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