The future of Mongolian nomadic lifestyle under debate! Same situation of other nomadic societies in the world

The report is self explainatory. The situation of other Nomadic societis is almost the same. Listen and download: Dr Caroline Upton talks on the issues facing Mongolian nomadic herdershttp://soundcloud.com/university-of-leicester/the-future-of-mongolian/s-aYEoy ¬†Geographers from the University of Leicester are involved in research on pastoralism, environment and livelihoods at a critical juncture in decision […]

Livestock Ecological Zones in Balochistan

Ecological zones of ¬†Balochistan province of Pakistan The ecological zones already presented in the literature are based on the agronomic prcatices, temperature, rainfall etc. In the present study the ecological zones were sketched on the basis of the local penology, type and production systems of livestock, temperature, rainfall etc. It […]