History of World Camel Day

Why a World Camel Day?

We celebrate world camel day each year on 22nd June to highlight the importance of incredible camel and aware/educate the masses about the role of the camel in food security, climate change adaptation, culture and ecosystem management. Each year, this day is being celebrated in many parts of the world and the interest is increasing with the passing of each camel day.

Dr. Younas and Ilse Kohler Rollefson in the field with camel in Cholistan Pakistan.

Inimitable Features of Camel! Answer to Complicated Questions of Future

The World Camel Day (WCD) is observe every year at the juncture of longest and hottest day (North Hemisphere of the globe! as this parts is the cradle of domestication for the old world camelids i.e. Bactrian and the dromedary) of the year. The suggestion of the WCD was initiated by the author and soon supported by many camel stakeholders and known international organizations.

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