Zhob is home to the true sheep and goat culture

Kajalle Sheep Breed of Zhob

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob and Hassankhail area of Musakhail district. Kakar, Khostai, Babar, Sherani, Hassankhail tribes are the custodians of the breed.They are mall in size, white body coat with red head, fine dense wool are thesalient feature of Kajalle breed.Population Trend: The population…

Nancy Turner is one of the most renowned ethnoecologists in BC and known all over the world for her work in ethnobotany and as an advocate for First Peoples’ rights. In this little book, “Saanich Ethnobotany


The Precious Heritage of the People’s Science is Going to Extinction

The wisdome and experience comes with the time and efforts. The traditional knowledge is the outcome of a long time experience and the solutions people found during the challenges. It is still precious and useful. I call it the people's science.

Camel Fairs in Pakistan: A Case Study from Mangrota of Pakistan

Camel plays a very pivotal role in the life of the people of the northeastern Balochistan (Suleiman  mountainous region). The camel herders graze their camel herds all around the year on the woody vegetation of the mountains and in the month of October, they separate the camels ready for sale. The ready for sale animals are then moved…