Healing with camel milk

BREAKING NEWS – A US Based Research Trial Proved ‘the Camel Milk as Toxin Flush’

A recent study (scientific trials on a valuable number of people) conducted in the US by a famous health practitioner (unpublished data) revealed that camel milk is the most efficient biological flusher to rinse the body inside from the toxins. Dr. Millie Hinkle has especially emphasized the toxins people take as drugs and addictions. I present you her email (name confidential) for your kind information and as breaking news.

The camel milk from Bactrian camel in Mongolia

Camel Milk is Gut Friendly -Gut friendly vs the Gut Crazy Milk

A mom managed her kid’s gut problem with the camel milk As an organizer of the camel milk advocay international group, CAMEL4LIFE, I receive very good information and updates from the people who share their camel milk stories. I share the stories time to time here in my camel4milk blog, but hide the names of …

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Llama Milk is also Special

The offshoot of camelus, Llamas milk is also rich with special nutrients, making it super food. Yes. Llama milk also has nanobodies. V beneficial for immune system and being studied for cancer cure. If someone is interested to know the biological links between camelus and Llamas, can read in the link below. Camel Milk Works …

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Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with Camel Milk

Christina Adams made lobster macaroni and cheese with camel milk. So good! It is healthier, nutritious and tasty.

The Happy Camel Provides Healthier Milk

Scientists are agreed that the products, especially milk coming from a happy and comfortable animal are far better than the animal in distressed conditions with a sad feeling. Now it is yours’ choice, either you take milk from a happy animal or a sad animal as both types are available in the market. The camel farming …

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