The blossom of the Yellow Bell tree (Tecomella undulata)

Tecomella undulata (الفرفار) – The love of the Sunbird

The Sunbird love the flowers of the Yellow Bell tree and eat the nectar. Here is a very amazing video.

Tephrosia nubica

Tephrosia nubica – Native flora of UAE

Tephrosia nubica is a leguminous flora found in different drylands regions of Asia and Africa.

Camel have a very strong and sensitive soul

Happy Eid with camels in Leptadenia forest

My life is precious and beautiful with nature and camels. This Eid ul Fitr (2023), I enjoyed the company of beautiful and shining camels in the Leptadenia forest, Shoaib Abudhabi. Leptadinia is the food of choice for the camels. Also, many tall and succulent types of grass are found inside the Leptadinia bushes, hiding from grazing and wind erosion in desert ecosystems. The camels can reach to the grasses because of their long and flexible necks. I hereby share some very beautiful and self-explained images of my moments with the camels.

A mysterious problem in Zygophyllum qatarense issue in Zygophyllum

The mysterious problem in Zygophyllum qatarense

The Zygophyllum qatarense with the botanical name Tetraena qatarensis is one of the most important perennial shrubs of the desert. It is one of the few perennial sources of fresh food for camels in the desert. The flora is a very rich source of nutrients, especially minerals, salts, vitamins, and water. Usually, the other types …

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Me with my precious gift, the Camel

Bios of Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

Dr. Raziq Kakar has published many publications with a high repute on subjects as; camel milk production potential, camel milk composition, camel socioeconomic importance in agriculture & economy, camel breeds identification, camel domestication, native livestock breeds identification and documentation, traditional knowledge, breeding goals documentation, and ecosystem research.

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