Dr. Raziq Kakar

The beautiful Bactrain camels in Inner Mongolia

How the Camels’ Cope with the Extreme Temperatures?

Genetics is behind this very special trait of the camel to adapt to very high temperatures,” he said. “There’s much need to study specialized genes of the camel that make it such incredible, very special livestock. “The same [is true] of the camel’s power to resist dehydration. The camel’s blood cells are very different – they can absorb more water. “We should understand the camel better. This is very important for the future of humanity – how the camel can survive the very challenging climatic conditions.

Me with my precious gift, the Camel

Bios of Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

Dr. Raziq Kakar has published many publications with a high repute on subjects as; camel milk production potential, camel milk composition, camel socioeconomic importance in agriculture & economy, camel breeds identification, camel domestication, native livestock breeds identification and documentation, traditional knowledge, breeding goals documentation, and ecosystem research.

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