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Always love donkeys

The beautiful, polite and multipurpose animal, the donkey. I always speak for the donkeys, either there is cruelty issues in my own country Pakistan or mass shooting in Australia. I have introduced world donkey day.

Please don’t kill the feral donkeys

Dear Australia! Please don’t kill the poor donkeys I have been emphasizing that livestock grazing is a great blessing for the sustainable management of an ecosystem. Livestock is not only the consumer but the return treasure of manure (the microorganism in livestock gut act as detritivores, converting the tough fibers material into a well rotten …

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Water transporter, the Donkey

Donkey is the Fittest and the Useful Creature in the Arid Regions of the World

The author is the founder of the world donkey day to highlight the importance of this precious animal. And  

The Donkey~ Also a Good Riding Animal

The Donkey~ Also a Good Riding Animal

This donkey belong to Shingharri breed from Daman area of Kohe Suleiman. This breed of donkey is unique of its kind. Very well adapted to mountainous ecosystem and carry up to 120 Kg for more than 25 KM. Also a good riding and docile animal.

Donkey Marketing in Mangrota Fair of Pakistan

Donkey Marketing in Mangrota Fair of Pakistan

Donkey is very valuable and useful animal throughout the world. Donkey is playing pivotal role in the livelihood earning of the millions of people in Pakistan. In Pakistan, many pastoral communities keep donkey for breeding. They have unique, vigorous and highly adapted donkey breeds like Shingharri and Sperki. In the month of October they bring the donkey for sale to the Mangrota Fair. Shingharri donkey in the photo gets high prices and usually bought by the donkey carters in the cities and towns.

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