One tree forest in Zhob🌳

. It is an olive tree, centuries-old, witnessing a long history. Maybe millions of people, animals, and small creatures have lived and survived on it. Such trees act as mountains of Carbon. We should save such treasure of humanity. ♥️

We Need to Produce Milk and Meat and other Products in Tune with Nature

In connection with the camel stories from all over the world at the occasion of world camel day

Here is the message of Ilse K. Rollefso from Rajasthan India. To know about Ilse and her work please go to the link She writes in her message “The future of the camel is in our hands. I believe that if we try to make it another dairy cow, we will go amiss. In this day and age – also referred to as the Anthropocene – we need to produce milk and meat and other products in tune with nature. Setting up industrial dairy farms with imported feed is not the answer, instead, we must manage camels so that they fulfill their ecological purpose of aggregating the solar energy captured by widely dispersed and drought-resistant desert plants. The many camel nomadic societies of the world have perfected this approach and it is them we have to support. This is the mission of both organizations I am associated with: the League for Pastoral Peoples and Camel Charisma Pvt. Ltd ( On their behalf, I wish you a happy World Camel Day!
Take care and thanks for your initiative!

I thank you very much, the soulful camel lover and development practitioner.

Dr. Raziq Kakar

The Ancient Trees Heritage of Borai ~ Arya Warsha

Trees are very important, that we all know. They are important because of many reasons, i.e. shade, fruits, feed for animals, fixing atmospheric carbon & producing oxygen, fixing land, purifying/halting winds, providing habitats to insects, birds, reptiles and other animals, scenic attraction, herbal value, building material and anymore.

Old Trees Heritage
Trees are very important from many angles. Fixing atmospheric carbon, producing oxygen, provision of shadow, producing fruits/fodders for human and animals both can be the few characteristics of the tree but there are many more apparent and hidden purposes of the trees.

Borai is an ancient traditional grazing and farming land, an offshoot of the historical Arya Warsha (the grazing lands).

The trees are a precious heritage and social treasures. We have great affection with the trees, especially the ancient trees. Our elders were used to sit under these trees making Jirga (Pashtun traditional jury) and other social event.

Trees are the fixed tents of the people to sit under and take refuge from scorching sunshine and rains. This tree is an old mulberry tree. Once, our village people were used to feed the mulberry leaves to the silkworms. I remember that golden time.

This is an ancient tree, Mulberry. The trees is almost 300 years. The elders people told that the tree is always harmed by thunder storms, which burns the trunk. The tree is hard and resilient.
An ancient mulberry tree (Thooth) in Borai. This tree is at the bank of Zingiwall Karez in Uryagi moza.

Go Home Message

Trees are the sign of life and health of mother earth. Unfortunately the human activities are adversely affecting the health of the mother earth. These trees are at the bank of the Karez (traditional water channel), which are drying because of the over exploitation/mining of the water and the overall climate change calamities. We need to save these trees. I met to the many owners/community of the trees to aware them about the importance and to think about the ways to conserve. They are earth loving people and they are ready to save each ancient tree.

Have You Seen A Camel Eat Cactus — Reality Decoded

The camel products, especially milk is special because of the plants the camel consume as well as the unique genetics of this incredible creature of nature.

Camels bodies are built for harsh desert conditions. Camels have a hard palate at the tops of their mouths and cheeks lined with raised, cone-shaped structures called papillae. Papillae in camels partially consist of keratin, the same hard material that your fingernails are made of. Papillae protect the cheek and mouth from scratches and injuries.

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