Crocodile in the desert - Making shapes

Desert Exploration – Here, I have uncovered some facts about the desert

It is always fun walking and exploring the treasures and beauties of the desert. I love to walk and explore in the desert. Desert is the ocean of the sand but there is no Shark and no Stingrays. You can find beautiful and unique flora, fauna, sand dunes, songs of the air blowing, and sometimes a desert storm. Desert is a paradise but you have to choose a good time/weather to roam in the paradise. We have 3 months to go in the desert and inhale long breaths in the open and wide horizons of the desert.

Citrulus halting the flow of the sands

How Citrullus flora fixes the sand dunes?

A close view of the citrulus plant, halting the sand to spread by fabricating a carpet of the shoot on the sand.

My Desert Walk and Exploration

I love camels as well as the desert. As contrary to the common perception, the deserts are a very rich and beautiful land. I hereby share some snapshots of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Arabian desert. I shot these pictures during my desert walk. Here is some floral picture. The title and some …

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