Do we Know our Potential Candidate of Food Insurance in Climate Change Challenge?

Camel4life is an international advocacy forum, advocating camel as a food security agent in climate change scenario.

Milking a Camel is a fun

7 Points that Convince you of Consuming the Camel Milk

The awareness and sensitivity are increasing about the different food items among the people. The people are turning from junk to the real and natural food. The camel milk (CaM) is one of the important natural foods, enriched with super molecules, making it a food of choice for food sensitive people. CaM has unique properties, revitalizing our bodies and making us stronger and resilient against the stress and toxins of our environments. It revitalizes our bodies after sicknesses, stress, and hard work. In this article, I have tried to compile the camel milk story in 7 points to better understand this natural treasure of the food.

And lastly, The Camels — 5 Days Ago ..

. . The Dromedary Camel is an ‘Old World Camel’. It is estimated that the dromedary camel has been domesticated for perhaps 6000 years and has shaped the civilization of the entire world. . . Camels are very specialized animals. Their famous humps are stores not of water, but of fat, and can sustain them …

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Heartiest congratulation and Happy New Year 2017

I hereby send you my heartiest congratulation on the occasion of the onset of 2017. I wish you a very prosperous new year for you and your beloved ones. This year the incredible camel progressed further in many ways; i.e. Many scientific articles published in well-reputed journals. Camel milk made more space for the food …

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