Camel wool

Bactrian camel wool types

Bactrian Camel Wool Production

Global Camel Wool Production The annual wool production from the camel is around 60,000 thousand tons (only the wool of Bactrian camel is recorded), and approximately 17 % (3000 tons) comes from the first fleece (baby camel wool) that is ready at the age of 1.5 to 2 years of age (with a max percentage …

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Camel Skin and Hair are Sometimes Edible

Mr. Tumal from Oronto of Gabbara Pastoralists A colleague of our camel advocacy group “Tumal from Oronto of Gabbara Pastoralists” told that; Around the year 1936, there was a serious drought in Northern Kenya, locally known as “Olla Qolaji” Olla- is drought Qolaji- dry poor cowhide. Hence Pastoralists Herders roasted cowhides from collapsed animals due …

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