camel physiology

camel kidney is special


Long term tolerance to the lack of water while remaining active and is specific to camels. Camels, however, also rapidly replace lost water, often drinking as much as 200 liters in minutes. Goats and dogs also belong to the group of mammals that rapidly replace lost water; how- ever, the water is not absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream .The camel does appear to have rapid absorption of water into the blood. 

The desert creature camels have unique physiology

Xero water loss – The dehumidifier nose of the desert’s beast functions miraculously

In the mysterious camels, the temperature of the exhaled air is dropped and the heat energy and water are reabsorbed in the nose. While exhaling the camels dehumidify the air with the help of specialized hair in the nose as the nasal opening is very narrow and hairy, remains wet all the time. This way the airy, narrow and wet nasal opening reabsorb the moisture and energy both and return to the body. This phenomenon is one of the other most important phenomena of the camels’ unique strategy to conserve water in the arid conditions of its habitat.

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