Camel milk

Why Camel Milk is Benefitial in Autistism Cases?

Camel milk is proving its worth as natural health pharmacy. The very stressfull and complicated conditions like that of Autism can be eased with the camel milk.

milking camel in Africa

New Solutions to Prolong the Shelf life of the Camel Milk

The traditional methodology using old camel milk for the preservation of fresh camel milk is always very effective. This traditional methodology is now proved by the sophisticated scientific study.

Chal, a fermented camel milk

CHAL~ A Traditional Camel Milk Product of Turkmens’ Cameleers

Turkmen! A Traditional Nomadic Community of Central Asia Turkmen is a native community of central Asia, predominantly live in Turkmenistan but a sizable number is also found in Afghanistan, Iran, followed by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Turkmens are very traditional and have strong connections with livestock and animal agriculture. They are a strong and long traveling …

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Camel Milk

Why the Camel Milk is Anti-Infectious or Immunity Booster?

Traditionally, camel milk had been using for the cure of complex ailments in the long periods of the history. Now, the different scientific studies are being conducted and many are underway to explore the magic powers of camel milk and to find the molecules in camel milk which materializing the healing of different diseases.

Llama Antibodies May Help with Neutralizing COVID-19

Having been in the camel’s world of research and development, I have been advocating the camel as the animal of choice in the challenging environments as a model animal. The camel (Arabian and Bactrian) milk is also rich with super and unique nutrients, some act as ant-infectious and immune boosters. Camel milk makes immune system stronger as it contains series of protective proteins such as lysozyme, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulin G, and immunoglobulin A. I hereby suggest clinical trials for the camel milk as an agent of antibodies against the viral infections in particular with the COVID-19. Camel milk have already been studied as support in the diabetes management.

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