camel manure compost

Shah Hussain Horticulturis

A Photostory of camel manure compost project

Camel manure is a worthwhile farm agent but considered as low grade farmyard manure. Here, in our camel farm with collaboration of Horticulturis friend Shah Hussain, we have conducted trials to decompose camel manure balls (CMB) and produce a good quality compost. Here we have very good, promising and appealing results as we have harvested a good quality rotten manure.

Compost Produced from Camels’ Manure

The compost is blackish in color, well rottened and odorless. It is a boit watery (high moisture content) but still very good quality. I’m still looking for a research fellow to analyse it chemically and publish the results. This composed was prepared with a dump of 9 month, still is more dump. We shall open …

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